Top 10 Best Budget TIG welder in 2023- Buyer’s Guide

Welding thin and thick metals, high thermal conductivity metals, bike frames, wagons, fenders, door handles and lawn movers have become easy. Do you know how? All thanks to the TIG welder machine. It has made the job of welding, cutting and grinding a range of metals so hassle-freely.

Without further ado, please check out the best budget TIG welder reviews. These machines can be used as TIG welders, stick welders or plasma cutters. Professional welders and hobbyists must own them. They have a digital indicator, auto memory mode and support conducting multiple welding processes.

Comparison table of Top 10 Best Budget TIG welder in 2023

Ideal for what kind of welding applications?Design- How it looks?Why buy it? Unique feature
YESWELDER TIG Welder Multiple welding processesUnique air channel designAuto recover last time conducted welding parameters
Weldpro TIG Welder TIG, DC TIG, Stick, and argon arc spot weldingProfessional design with a rocker-style foot pedal Fully adjustable pulse
PRIMEWELD TIG WelderTIG/stick welding and plasma cuttingPWM (Pulse Width Modulation) enabled designGreat for welding thinner metals
ARCCAPTAIN TIG WelderTIG, MIG, MMA Stick, and argon arc spot weldingAdvanced with a digital control systemIdeal for long-term welding
Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG WelderTIG and argon arc spot weldingUser-friendlyAC Balance can be adjusted to enhance penetration on thick metals
S SIMDER TIG WelderTIG, stick welding and plasma cuttingLCD digital display designReduce spatter while welding
Tosense TIG WelderAll welding processesMulti-purposePrecisely and accurately weld thinner-gauge materials
HITBOX TIG WelderTIG and 2T/4T/spot welding2-way welding mode designHF torch supports the use of 2T and 4T welding 
AHP TIG WelderTIG, arc and spot weldingIGBT technology-enabled designFoot pedal for excellent welding control
Everlast TIG WelderAll welding processes and support TIG no-HF arc ignition processesPortable and lightweightMicroprocessor control precisely manages welding parameters


  • It is the AC/DC TIG inverter welder with a digital set.
  • You can easily adjust the pre and post-gas time, up-slope and down-slope time.
  • It lets you complete the welding process accurately and professionally.
  • This welder automatically saves the welding parameters and auto-recovers the last time’s parameters.

Key Specifications

Ideal forMultiple welding processes
DesignUnique air channel design
Why buy it?Auto recover last time conducted welding parameters.

Welding, cutting and grinding are some of the most challenging tasks. You must get an advanced designed welder for performing welding applications like TIG, MIG and MMA with ease. We have one such perfect recommendation, the YESWELDER TIG Welder. Digital set, auto-save mode and unique air channel design are some of its catchy qualities.

Furthermore, you can conveniently set pre- and post-gas and up-and-down slope times. It is up to you to operate this machine on the 2T or 4T trigger function. The unique air channel design boosts the heat dissipation process, controls circuits, and reduces dust absorption.

The digital indicator allows you to easily view the actual and preset values to bring more accuracy and fine-touch in the weld. You can even use this machine for stick and argon arc spot welding and ensure the excellent shape of the weld.


  • Digital settings let you control the process efficiently
  • Automatically save the last time welding parameters
  • Unique air channel design boosts heat dissipation


  • The foot pedal is not included

2 . Weldpro TIG Welder 

Weldpro TIG Welder 
  • This one is Weldpro’s flagship welder that allows you to weld aluminum and stainless steel perfectly.
  • You will get a 3-year warranty time, and the model is entirely digitally designed.
  • It has a fully adjustable pulse, AC frequency and AC balance.
  • The rocker-style foot pedal and independent trigger switch make it easy to weld nickel alloys, steel, brass and bronze.

Key Specifications

Ideal forTIG, DC TIG, Stick, and argon arc spot welding
DesignProfessional design with a rocker-style foot pedal 
Why buy it?Fully adjustable pulse

Weldpro TIG Welder has been a blessing for all plasma cutters and welders. We all know that TIG is believed to be one of the most valuable processes for welding bike frames, door handles, fenders and wagons. You need a quality welder to perform this job, and here we have recommended the Weldpro brand.

Most importantly, it is the flagship model that successfully welds aluminum and steel in pro-style. On buying it, customers get three years of warranty time. It is a digitally designed model with advanced function TIG welding features. You can adjust the pulse, upslope and downslope, starting and ending amps, AC frequency and AC balance.

The rocker-style foot pedal brings more ease to operating this machine. It is competent and supports the use of MMA stick welding tasks. You can also weld chromoly, copper, gold, brass, bronze, aluminum, nickel alloys and magnesium with it. So, get your hands on the WeldproTIGACDC200GD welder and share your reviews with us.


  • You will get a full three-year warranty time
  • Digital-designed TIG welder with a rocker-style foot pedal
  • Quickly switch to different welding modes


  • Absence of unique air channel design


  • The model is designed on the Advanced Inverter Technology with Pulse Width Modulation.
  • It is backed by a 3-year warranty time, and customers are offered seven days per week of support.
  • This TIG welder meets today’s modern welding, cutting and grinding needs.
  • It has a stick function to make it a suitable pick for both professional and hobby welders.

Key Specifications

Ideal forTIG/stick welding and plasma cutting
DesignPWM (Pulse Width Modulation) enabled design
Why buy it?Great for welding thinner metals

If you have been tasked to weld bike frames, fenders or lawnmowers, instead of using a low-quality machine, we suggest you go with the PRIMEWELD TIG Welder. It functions as a TIG/stick welder with an advanced designed pulse function. You can use it to weld, cut and grind stainless steel, aluminum and thinner metals.

This respective model belongs to the CK Worldwide 17 Series, and the Superflex TIG torch comes with a hose and a flex head. In addition, it efficiently welds 1/4″ aluminum and also 3/8″ mild steel. With the foot pedal, you get more control of the machine, and no hassle will be there in using it. This model is designed to meet all of today’s modern welding needs.

It features 225 amps with a stick function and seems the most suitable pick for professional-level welders. Power width modulation and IGBT technology-enabled design keep the operations user-friendly. Besides, the automatic protection function ensures safety from over-current, over-voltage and overload protection.


  • The pulse function works perfectly to weld stainless steel and aluminum
  • Includes hand torch control and foot pedal
  • Advanced Inverter Technology with Pulse Width Modulation


  • Slow shipping process


  • It features an exclusive non-contact arc initiation function to start the arc quickly and reduce tungsten consumption.
  • The digital control system is there, and whole operations are based on the advanced MCU and IGBT Inverter technology.
  • It claims to offer a flawless weld and produce no spatter.
  • The design is easy to handle, powerful, and apt for all entry-level welders.

Key Specifications

Ideal forTIG, MIG, MMA Stick, and argon arc spot welding
DesignAdvanced with a digital control system
Why buy it?Ideal for long-term welding

The next suggestion is for the ARCCAPTAIN TIG Welder. It has a 2-in-1 design, which is an attractive thing about it. Featuring non-contact arc initiation, it will help the welder to start the arc without trouble and reduce material and tungsten consumption. The brand has based the operations of this machine on MCU and IGBT Inverter technology.

It has a digital control system to bring more flexibility and effortlessness while you weld. If you cut, grind or weld with this machine, there will be no spatter and no post-cleanup needed. Furthermore, it offers up to 200 amps to precisely weld stainless and mild steel or thicker materials. It remains easy to handle and seems an apt model for entry-level welders.

Note that the TIG torch continues to blow gas to secure the weld and let it cool down without affecting the quality and shape. The cooling fan system only runs when the machine needs it! So, have it for DC TIG and stick welding and forward us your honest reviews. It guarantees a smooth weld, excellent quality and shape and stable performance.


  • Non-contact arc initiation starts arc quickly and easily
  • Digital control system to deliver professional and efficient weld
  • Easy to handle and suitable for entry-level welders


  • No manual is included in the package

5 . Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG Welder

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG Welder
  • The user-friendly interface makes the TIG welder setup process hassle-free.
  • The ‘’Pulse’’ feature offers a drumbeat-like rhythm to indicate the filler metal deposition process.
  • It lets you make wider or tighter welding beads without trouble.
  • You can adjust the AC balance settings to ensure more cleaning action and boost penetration on thick metals.

Key Specifications

BrandLincoln Electric
Ideal forTIG and argon arc spot welding
Why buy it?AC Balance can be adjusted to enhance penetration on thick metals.

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG Welder makes you a pro-level and highly professional welder. Invest in this machine and pay your thanks later. The user-friendly interface and quick set-up process make it a reliable ick. 

The prominent feature of this machine is the ”pulse” that exhibits a drumbeat-like rhythm and indicates a successful filler metal deposition process. If you are eager to learn the TIG welding technique, capitalize on this machine. It gives wider and tighter welding beads without putting much effort.

You can adjust the AC Frequency Control conveniently. The AC Balance feature maximizes penetration when it comes to welding thick materials. Thus, it is the multi-process machine that you should have. It makes sure that the weld shape comes out at its best. You can even perform stick welding with confidence.  


  • User-friendly interface and quick setup
  • You can adjust the AC Balance to ensure more cleaning and efficient welding
  • action
  • Suitable to weld thicker materials


  • Limited guarantee

6 . S SIMDER TIG Welder

  • The intelligent LCD digital display lets you easily adjust the current and switch to different modes.
  • The hot start function improves and enhances the reliability of ARC striking and decreases the spatter.
  • The Arc force function adjusts the resistance of ARC to reduce electrode striking.
  • It is a 2-in-1 welding machine; you can use it as a stick or TIG welder.

Key Specifications

Ideal forTIG, stick welding and plasma cutting
DesignLCD digital display design
Why buy it?Reduce spatter while welding

How about going with the S SIMDER TIG Welder? You can have it for welding range of both thick and thin metals. The machine looks so lightweight, compact and portable. It weighs 11 lbs, and you can carry it anywhere.

The smart LCD digital display shows the suggested dimensions of rods while you are in the process of adjusting the current. Switching to any welding mode is easy too! You can run it on the ARC mode or hot start function; the choice is yours. The fully adjustable hot start function improves ARC striking and decreases spatter.

On the other hand, the ARC Force Function sets the ARC resistance and brings down electrode sticking. It is high time to weld with efficiency, better and in a quality style, and you can do that by choosing this TIG welder. It has an upgraded main board and offers over-heat and over-current protection. 


  • Light Weight and Portable, and it weighs only 11 lbs
  • Smart LCD Digital Display, and you can switch to different modes easily
  • Hot Start and Arc Force Function reduce the spatter


  • You have to purchase the TIG torch separately

7 . Tosense TIG Welder

Tosense TIG Welder
  • It is capable of performing all kinds of welding and cutting applications.
  • This model uses non-hazardous compressed air for cutting stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.
  • It is a pulse TIG welder that makes the weld look smoother, even and more beautiful while improving the tungsten life.
  • You can weld thinner-gauge materials with more accuracy and precision.

Key Specifications

Ideal forAll welding processes
Why buy it?Precisely and accurately weld thinner-gauge materials.

Tosense TIG Welder can also be used as a stick/MMA or ARC welder. It is the most professional and accurately designed machine that welders have loved using. This reviewed cutting machine offers a range of welding, grinding and cutting abilities.

The handle ensures easy carrying and portability. It uses compressed air which is non-hazardous, for efficiently cutting alloy steel and mild steel. It welds copper and aluminum with perfection. Moreover, the newly added and most advanced PULSE function brings the welding shape to accuracy. The weld quality looks beautiful and up to the mark.

This machine supports the use of welding thinner-gauge materials. It remains easy to operate due to the foot pedal. You will also spot a deep welding pool and ample working surface to cut/grind/weld the desired metal without trouble. Have it for all welding environments and polish your welding skills.


  • Performs most welding and cutting tasks
  • It uses harmless compressed air for effortlessly cutting stainless steel
  • Professionally designed Pulse TIG Welder to make the welding shape smooth
  • and beautiful


  • The interface looks less user-friendly

8 . HITBOX TIG Welder

  • It is a multi-process welder that performs a range of welding processes effortlessly.
  • It welds thin and thick metals and also high thermal conductivity metals.
  • This machine allows a low-temperature cold welding process and reduces deformation and discoloration.
  • It has the most accurate and precise digital setting and 2-way welding modes.

Key Specifications

Ideal forTIG and 2T/4T/spot welding 
Design2-way welding mode design
Why buy it?HF torch starts to support using 2T and 4T welding. 

How can we forget that HITBOX TIG Welder has always brought so much ease, professionalism, and convenience into the welder’s life? This machine has arrived as a real blessing. It is a multi-process TIG welder that you must own.

Most importantly, it performs COLD TIG/ PULSE TIG and stick welding with utmost efficiency. You can weld thick and thin metals and even those metals that have high thermal conductivity. The catchy quality of this welding machine is that it brings the workpiece in excellent shape.

A smooth weld is created without discoloration and deformation. You will spot 2-way welding modes. It is recommended to use the foot pedal to avoid shaking and get complete control of the welding spot. We advise you to have this machine to weld steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, magnesium, bronze and gold.


  • Multi-process TIG Welder smoothly welds both thick and thin metals
  • The cold welding technique reduces deformation and discoloration
  • Two-way modes ensure a more refined welding process


  • It produces a bit of spatter

9 . AHP TIG Welder

AHP TIG Welder
  • The high visibility LCD screen allows you to adjust the settings and operations hassle-free.
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) enabled design is there.
  • It lets you weld aluminum, stainless or steel and thinner-gauge materials.
  • The HF start tig and a foot pedal give excellent and all-out welding control.

Key Specifications

Ideal forTIG, arc and spot welding
DesignIGBT technology-enabled design
Why buy it?Foot pedal for excellent welding control

AHP TIG Welder is another excellent recommendation that has received extensive praise. It has a high-visibility LCD screen and functions on advanced inverter technology. The design is based on the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and has incorporated IGBT technology.

You can weld aluminum, stainless or steel and other thinner-gauge materials. The digital control board technology is teamed up with a large LCD. Despite how complex and challenging the welding process is, it has pro-level features and outperforms.

Its AC frequency and AC balance modes are quick to adjust. You can even control puddle width. If you are looking for a high-end TIG welder that can perform all TIG applications, invest in the AHP brand.


  • High visibility LCD screen
  • Advanced Inverter IGBT technology
  • Performs quality welding on stainless steel and aluminum


  • Need hi-fi maintenance

10 . Everlast TIG Welder

Everlast TIG Welder
  • Microprocessor control allows the welder precisely manage every single welding parameter. 
  • Microprocessor control allows the welder precisely manage every single welding parameter.
  • The flip-down visor shields the panel from flames, sparks, or further damage.
  • The machine offers a unique Advanced Pulse feature for welding thin materials and reducing warping.

Key Specifications

Ideal forAll welding processes and support TIG no-HF arc ignition processes
DesignPortable and lightweight
Why buy it?Microprocessor control precisely manages welding parameters. 

Everlast TIG Welder has so many pro and advanced-level features. It has made the job of welding tough metals a piece of cake. The microprocessor control settings let you professionally manage every single welding parameter. Its design is portable and lightweight, with a fully rugged exterior.

The special ‘’Advanced Pulse” is intended for welding thin materials, and this feature also reduces warping. The waveform control delivers three types of welding. We suggest you order this inverter-based IGBT technology TIG welder and share with us your honest feedback.

With its use, the productivity and efficiency level will be increased. Welders can weld with more accuracy. The heavy-duty and high-end HF arc start design decreases maintenance issues. On the other hand, the advanced pulse mode allows more control and ease while welding thin gauge aluminum.


  • Microprocessor control ensures accurate management of welding parameters
  • Portable and Lightweight design with a rugged exterior
  • The standard type pulse feature perfectly weld thin materials


  • TIG torch not included


You can keep tuned with us; more details on the best budget TIG welders are coming.

Our top choices are:

With this machine, you get complete control of the welding process and see more accuracy and precision in the weld. Moreover, these reviewed TIG welders run on the auto-save mode. They automatically save the welding parameters and auto-recover all the previous parameters in less time. Stay connected!

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