What is Blue Demon Welding – Comprehensive Guide

Introduction of What is Blue Demon Welding

Blue Demon Welding Company has a history of making top-class, premium-quality welding products. The quality of their welding helmets, gloves, carbon steel electrodes and wires is simply amazing.

No doubt, this company has extensive specialization in making welding products and range of metal fillers. With each passing day, the company has grown substantially and making strategic plans to further expand their product line. Here we have talked more about Blue Demon Welding; you can see the details:

History of the Blue Demon Welding Company

The Blue Demon Welding Company was formed in 1978 and started manufacturing welding products in 1995. They even manufacture filler metals. It is over the years that this company has grown and expanded tremendously.

Furthermore, it has become one of the recognized and global leaders in producing welding-related products, filler metals, TIG filler rods, and tungsten electrodes. The parent company is Welding Material Sales, and it has been over 35 years that they have been continuously serving us.

List of products manufactured by Blue Demon Welding

We have compiled a list of products that Blue Demon Welding has launched till now. You can go through the details. No doubt, it is a well-reputed company. If you have just started your welding business, feel free to purchase any products from this company.

Welding wire

Blue Demon Welding has launched countless welding wires. Many welders have found the quality of these wires top one. In addition, these wires are made of stainless steel and flux cored. The catchiest quality of these wires is that they do not need shielding gas. You can utilize them to perform a range of welding tasks. The brand claims that its wires can weld 300 series stainless, 308L and also 430 stainless steels.

Welding gloves

The welding gloves quality manufactured by the Blue Demon Company looks so impressive. This brand makes gloves composed of 100% natural leather. Furthermore, they use 100% goatskin and cowhide in their welding gloves. Many welders say the Blue Demon Welding company gloves give the lightest and most breathable feel. They provide flexibility and optimal protection, and in fact, excellent grip.

Thus, these are reliable gloves that you can have for welding activities. Being CE certified, they remain resistant to heat, and the long cowhide sleeves offer extra shielding and safety against sparks.

If you have tried out the Blue Demon Welding gloves, you must have noticed that they are highly durable, offer multipurpose use and passed themselves through earth-friendly manufacturing processes. They are coated with fire-resistant material, and palm padding reduces impacts and shocks on the hand.

Welding helmet

The next popular product launched by the Blue Demon Welding Company is their welding helmets. They look advanced, and almost every version is infused with five sensors. Moreover, these helmets have a large view lens and lightweight design and are engineered on true color technology to get a realistic and wide field of view.

The Blue Demon Welding helmet seems suitable for applications like TIG, MIG, and MMA and tasks linked with plasma cutting and grinding. Both professional and beginner welders have given thumbs up to the kind of quality and performance these helmets deliver.

Many of their helmets have auto-darkening view filters; you can make them work independently or synchronously, but the choice is up to you. Thus, the Blue Demon Welding helmets promise top optical quality, improve visibility and give the true color view to the welder. They even reduce the lime green tint, and the full range of vision enhances operator control.

Carbon steel electrodes for welding

You can try out the carbon steel electrodes of this respective company. They are highly appropriate for AC welding. These electrodes let you fast freeze or solidify the metal and weld easily in the vertical and overhead positions.

Furthermore, the light slag present on these electrodes eliminates the production of slag holes. The general purpose and widespread use include fabrication and galvanized steel working. Rest, you can use the electrodes for structural and shipbuilding-related tasks. This company makes such high-quality electrodes that they are able to produce the strongest arc force and ensure deep penetration and even enhance operator control.

Rod storage tubes

When involved in a welding task, rod storage tubes carry an important place. In these tubes, you can conveniently store your inventory and organize the filler metals in the right manner.

TIG welding rods

The Blue Demon Welding TIG rods seem to be of the highest quality. These rods are composed of silicon additives. Even more, they improve the weld pool fluidity. The TIG rods come with a bright weld finish and they have so far become the top pick among welders.

TIG fillers

If you are looking for top-quality TIG metal fillers, you can choose the Blue Demon Welding Company in this regard. These fillers are made of high-grade aluminum and get automatically adjusted to TIG wire diameters ranging from .030″ to 1/8″. Besides, the smooth feed wheel promises easy control, and the high-temp O-rings guarantee utmost durability.

Tungsten Electrodes

Lastly, the popular product of the Blue Demon Welding Company is the tungsten electrode. It endorses excellent arc stability and works on AC and DC welding techniques. You will see no hassle in starting these tungsten electrodes; they re-strike in the best manner and works on a range of transformer machines and inverters.


We have shared enough information with you on the Blue Demon Welding Company. You can let us know if you have tried out their welding products and metal fillers. If this company launches more new products, we will let you know and also review them for you. Stay connected and tuned!

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