Where To Find Free Scrap Metal For Welding

Scrap metal is always in need! Welding and construction projects of roads, bridges, aircrafts, and automobiles need scrap metal now and then. We can help you out if you still do not have any idea where to find free scrap metal for welding.

The best places you can get it include living centers, medical clinics, hospitals, junk stores, antique stores, shooting ranges, construction sites, farms and ranges, and dumpsters.

If you have been assigned a welding-related project and need scrap metal as well, feel free to check out these spots.

Use of scrap metal

First of all, we like to tell you about the general use of scrap metal

  • It is excessively seen that scrap iron and aluminum metals remain in the highest need by the construction industry.
  • Scrap metal is used in the construction of roads and bridges. It is even utilized for manufacturing automobiles and aircraft.
  • A wide number of new products can be made by recycling scrap metals, including aluminum, copper, steel as well as brass, and iron.
  • Using scrap metal reduces waste and preserves the environment.
  • Containers, appliance parts, gliders, benches, and lamps are made of scrap metal.

The Best Spots To Get Free Scrap Metal For Welding

We have mentioned the best spots that always have free scrap metal available:

Local Engine Or Auto Repair Shops

You can get free scrap metal without hassle from the local engine or auto repair shops. Get in touch with the local business owners; they might give you the scrap metal free of cost or charge very less. Build rapport with them and politely ask what kind of scrap metal they have currently available!

Find It Online

It is recommended to find scrap metal online. Many websites are there that even claim to offer free scrap metal. What you need to do is to post on that website constantly; the respective person will get in touch with you.

Hospitals And Medical Clinics

No wonder hospitals and medical clinics have abundant scrap metal available. Get in touch with the hospital administrator and explain why you need free scrap metal. Hopefully, the hospital team will allow you to haul off their old wheelchairs, appliances, and beds.

Shooting Ranges

Visit the local shooting range site, and there you will find tons of brass shells and used steel. A wide variety is generally available at the shooting ranges. You can use that scrap metal for brazing, soldering, or welding. It is advised to contact multiple local shooting ranges and get their discharged shells and used steel for free.

Antique Stores

How about getting free scrap metal from antique stores? Yes, you can opt for this spot as well. Here you can get cheap scrap metal. Furthermore, look for old cooking utensils and silverware from junk stores. You never know if you will get the best deal! Scrap metal found in these stores can be utilized for cutlery welding projects.

Construction And Demolition Sites

Construction sites seem to be the next-best option to get free scrap metal! Talk to the person in charge of the construction site and ask whether you can get scrap metal free of cost from here or not. Moreover, visit the residential sites; there, you will find copper pipes, metal sheets, and also galvanized steel. Rest, it is also recommended to visit the demolition sites as they have ample scrap metal in the form of large pieces.

Metal Fabrication Shops

Visiting the metal fabrication shops is a must if you are eagerly looking for free scrap metal. These shops weld and forge metals. You might get lucky to get a few of the scrap pieces for free. Besides, companies only deal in metal, which is why it is always worth checking them out.

Dumpsters And Local Landfill Sites

You can check out the local landfill sites and dumpsters and receive free scrap metal from there. These spots certainly have valuable pieces of scrap. At some local landfills, there is a designated section that has only metal. Here you will find small appliances and steel doors.

Farms and Ranches

Do not forget to visit farms and ranches for getting free scrap metal. Take some time out and visit rural areas. There you will find a wide number of old abandoned cars. Before you start collecting those items, make sure to seek permission and know about that rural area’s local law enforcement. Besides, rural areas have lots of used horseshoes. You can use them for your welding projects.

Contact Local Roofers, Plumbers, Contractors, And Electricians

Free scrap metal can be collected by getting in touch with local roofers, plumbers, contractors, and electricians. These people usually have abundant scrap metal. You can let them know that you offer free junk removal services.

It is even suggested to make a page of your free junk removal services on social media platforms. This way, more and more people will contact you and might request you to collect scrap metal in the form of broken machinery, pipe and fittings, metal roofing structures, and other things like these!

Industrial Areas

Lastly, industrial sites remain jam-packed with sufficient scrap metal. Keep on looking for manufacturing facilities and warehouses. They have enough scrap metal in the form of broken machinery. At times, they can even let you pick up the broken machinery free of cost. 


So, multiple ways have been shared which help you collect scrap metal free. Reminding you again, you can collect scrap metal materials from farms and ranches, construction and demolition sites, industrial areas, hospitals, medical clinics, antique shops, junk stores, local landfill sites, and shooting ranges.

You can share with us how you use the scrap metal. Though it is generally used in welding projects, constructing roads, bridges, aircraft, and manufacturing automobiles! If you utilize it for some other purpose, let us know about that. Stay tuned and in touch on this platform.

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