YESWELDER MP200 Review – Best Features of FIRSTESS MP200

Welding is a professional job, but most people like to do it as a hobby. It can be quite intimidating, especially if you don’t have a professional tool. As a beginner, investing in a welding machine can be quite intimidating. Apart from functionality, affordability is also a huge factor in a welding machine. After digging deeper, we found YESWELDER MP200, which ticks all the boxes. 

YESWELDER is an amazing company that has been around for the past 15 years. People trust the brand because it provides great affordability, given the quality it provides. YESWELDER MP200 is a great welding machine for beginners and entry-level people who are into DIY projects. The machine is not only functional but also has a great exterior. It has a durable and lightweight build that helps carry it around easily. 

The 4.3-inches bright display has digital controls that help control the power output. On the other hand, it has a smart memory which helps in saving the voltage and current settings. You can get the desired result using the automated and manual MIG settings. The pre-flow and post-flow settings are great for air regulation. There is much more to explore about the YESWELDER Firstess MP200 welder. Read further for an in-depth review! 

Overview of the YESWELDER MP200 Welder 


  • High-quality Screen 
  • Highly Adjustable Features 
  • Smart Memory Technology 
  • Exceptional-quality Build 

The YESWELDER MP200 Welder works amazingly for beginners as it is a multi-process tool. The best part about the welder is that it offers great functionality at an affordable price. Given the welder’s features, it is available at quite an affordable price.  

The smart LED display and the smart memory features are genuinely worth trying. It integrates functional features such as in-flow and out-flow fan and synergic MIG, making it perfect for beginners. The mp200 has a simple function that helps beginners achieve the desired result without hassle. 

The YESWELDER Firstess MP200 is packed with energy; using its dual voltage, you can make it function anywhere. On the other hand, users love its durable exterior with a back fan that helps in regulating the air. It has a full synergic option which helps to get the functionality one wants and adjust the thickness.  

Smart memory technology helps you to store the current and voltage setting, helping you to save time. It has a smooth TIG function, allowing you to get a clean weld without smoke. The YESWELDER MP200 has a TFT display with a big and crisp screen. 

One of the best parts about the YESWELDER MP200 is that it allows smoke-free welding. It also has a great cut thickness, giving you a precise final result. We are discussing the features further down below. Continue reading to find out the features in detail! 

Key specification 

Welding Type  MIG, Flux Core, TIG, Stick, Plasma Cutter 
Weight  28.5 pounds 
Warranty  1 year  
Duty cycle  60% 
Amperage output  110 V: 20-160A /  20-30A (Cutting) 220 V: 20-200A / 20-40A (Cutting) 
Protection class IP21S 
Input voltage  110/220 V 


High-quality Screen 

One of the greatest features of the YESWELDER MP200 is its 4.3-inches beautiful screen. It has a crisp digital screen that allows you to keep track of voltage, amperage, and other settings. Usually, you have to pay a lot more to get a screen with an exceptional display and a wide range menu.  

Even welding machines made for professional use need to have the right display clarity at an affordable price. However, the YESWELDER Firstess MP200 has the best visual clarity and great pixels to promote visibility. The screen is big, and the display is large enough to see the settings from afar. 

Highly Adjustable Features 

If you are looking for a DIY-welding machine, not for professional use yet has impeccable features, the YESWELDER MP200 is great. You not only get it at a super affordable price, but it also has great adjustability features. The welding machine has advanced 5 welding processes; you can use the MIG settings to put it on the desired settings. 

Using the plasma cutting, you can modify the post and pre-flow, allowing the air pressure to support welding. Two adjustment knobs work seamlessly, allowing you to switch to new settings within 30 seconds. On the other hand, you also get 10 pre-set adjustable options, making things easier for beginners. 

Smart Memory Technology 

The YESWELDER welder is integrated with smart memory technology, which makes it super beginner-friendly. Because of its smart memory, you don’t have to adjust the current and voltage settings every time. You can save the voltage and current settings according to your style and continue. 

The welding parameters are stored, allowing you to work on a project without hindrance. On the other hand, it has great synergic MIG settings for smooth function. You can use smooth TIG and plasma cutting features also for smoke-free welding. 

Exceptional-quality Build 

Apart from the functionality, the high-quality build is one of its best features. The outer casing is not made up of plastic or cheap material that will tarnish very easily. It has a metal casing that protects the welder and high-quality paint. The exterior dual cooling fan also does a great job of distributing air pressure and preventing overheating. 


  • 5 welding process 
  • Premium build 
  • Synergic MIG 
  • Smooth TIG 
  • Plasma cutting 
  • Stable arc 
  • Smart memory 
  • Dual voltage input 
  • Infinite control knobs


  • Doesn’t weld aluminum


The YESWELDER multi-process welder is designed to benefit beginners and their hobbies. It is available at an exceptionally affordable price and has features you will find in an expensive tool. Apart from its impeccable performance, it has a 4.3 inches beautiful display adding more clarity. The synergic MIG settings and dual voltage make it easier to use. Lastly, its smart memory technology is great for beginners as it feeds the welding data for later. 

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