Hobart Handler 210 Review – Best MIG Welder 2024

Welding machines are important equipment in various sectors, including the building and construction industry, manufacturing, and repair and maintenance services. They assemble metal components by joining individual metal pieces, melting the metal surfaces, and fusing them. If you want to invest in a versatile welding machine, the Hobart Handler 210 is a perfect choice.

The Hobart Handler is an adaptable and user-friendly piece of welding equipment. The Handler 210 is a fantastic investment that can be used right out of the box, whether you are new to MIG welding or looking for something that is not only fairly priced but also works very well.

It has a straightforward control system, so there are no complex switches to worry about, and since it is a MIG welder, you can use it for almost any welding job and still get great results from it. It also has a dual-voltage capability, allowing you to operate it on either the conventional 115V or the higher 230V for more power. It is also capable of flux-cored arc welding, allowing you to undertake welding operations in the open air. Let’s dive in and learn more about the key features of this product and weigh its pros and cons.

Overview of Hobart Handler 210 MVP

Hobart Handler 210 MVP

Hobart Handler 210
  • Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) system
  • The output range of 30-210 amps
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Duty Cycle and Electrical Supply

The Hobart 210 MVP is a welder meant to be used professionally and by individuals doing their welding projects. This welder is both powerful and adaptable. This equipment can handle various welding operations, ranging from simple repairs to extensive fabrication.

Hobart Handler 210 welder

The welder’s ability to switch between 120V and 240V input power is made possible by a feature known as the Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP). The Hobart 210 MVP is an excellent option for dependable and flexible welding equipment because of its user-friendly controls and exceptional power output.

The Handler 210 MVP from Hobart is a welder that can do both MIG and flow rate welding. Because it is a MIG welder rather than a stick welder or TIG welder, this tiny welder may be used for welding projects involving steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. It also has the potential to operate at dual voltages. It has received some of the greatest ratings and is one of the welders that sells the most units for Hobart.

Key specifications

Product Dimensions‎‎24 x 18.6 x 13.2 inches
Item Weight‎79 pounds
StyleMig Welder

Features of Hobart Handler 210 MVP

·        Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) system

The Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) system is one of the most important aspects of the Hobart 210 MVP welder. This system enables the welder to convert between 120V and 240V input power, providing it with more versatility in the environments in which it may be used. Because of this, it may be used with either a regular home or a more thriving outlet, giving it greater versatility.

·        The output range of 30-210 amps

It has a welding operational range of 30-210 amps, and it can weld up to 3/16 inches thick on metal, alloy steels, and titanium alloy, which offers it a broad variety of welding qualities. The Hobart 210 MVP is a multi-processor arc welding machine. It also has a uniform and steady arc, guaranteeing a reliable and high-quality weld every time it is used.

·        User-Friendly Controls

The machine also has user-friendly controls and features, such as customizable starting temperature, arc strength, and heat surge protection. These features make the machine simple to use while providing the welder with the highest possible level of safety.

·        Duty Cycle and Electrical Supply

Just swap the connectors to use the Handler 210 with a different voltage system. There is no need for the user to do anything further; everything is taken care of internally. Welding thicknesses of up to 3/8-inch (9.5mm) steel need the 230V setting’s high-power output of up to 210A. The 115V option allows operation from a more widely available power source but at the expense of maximum power (140A instead of 240A). Even so, steel up to 1/4 inch in thickness may be welded successfully (6.35mm).

·        Warranty

The Hobart 210 MVP is a compact and lightweight machine, which makes it simple to carry and use on the work site. Its main feature is a vacuum pump. In addition, it has an industry-standard 5/3/1 warranty, which ensures that the product in question is of superior quality and can be relied upon.


  • The multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) system allows the welder to switch between 120V and 240V input power.

  • It can weld stainless steel and cast iron up to 3/16 inches thick. 

  • It has a welding power range of 30-210 amps.

  • Customizable arc power and heat protection devices make the equipment simple for rookie and professional welders.

  • Lightweight and portable
    The 5/3/1 industrial warranty ensures machine quality and reliability.


  • The Hobart 210 MVP cannot be used for TIG or MIG welding.

  • The Hobart 210 MVP is a high-quality welding equipment that may cost more than comparable models.

  • This machine’s maximum amperage is 210A, which may not be enough for heavy-duty welding applications.

  • Users using gloves found the control knobs too tiny.

  • The guarantee only covers repairing or replacing faulty components or assemblies under regular usage, not wear and tear or overuse. Some consumers may find this disappointing.

Final Verdict

Even though it’s a small-looking device, you shouldn’t question its power, adaptability, or ease of use. The Hobart Handler 210 MVP is a wonderful instrument to have whether you are just starting in the world of welding or if you are someone who regularly welds around the home. It is the perfect tool for learning MIG welding and flux-cored welding. It delivers dependable performance without causing unnecessary hassles and yet has the power to handle the infrequent but significant tasks that may be thrown your way. There are no significant drawbacks to the Handler 210, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

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